Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a knife can I sharpen?

You can sharpen knives which are 9/16"-2-3/8" (14-60mm) wide with a thickness maximum of 1/8' (3.5 mm)

How long does it take to sharpen a knife?

Assuming you sharpen the knife to the previous edge angle (recommended), the work is done in a cople of minutes, including honing and polishing on the honing wheel. Thanks to the guide it is easy to sharpen as it is not mounted to a jig to hold it.

Do I need to know how to sharpen a knife before using the Tormek T2?

No, its so simple and built so everyone can learn to use it very quickly.

Do I need special safety or security equipment?

No. The machine runs at a s slow speed and is safe to use.

​​With over 40 years of experience dedicated to the art and science of sharpening, Tormek® of Sweden has developed a new knife sharpener designed to meet the professional kitchen's demand for sharpness and user-friendliness. Sharp cutlery available on-demand whenever it is needed most.

Here is the simple math that demonstrates why a Tormek T2 is right for your restaurant.


  • Replaces your current knife sharpening service.  These services on average cost $40-$50 per month and the edges of these knives don't stay sharp and are dull in days.  $50.00 X 12=$600.00  multiply this for 7 years, and you have spent $4200.00

  • Sharp knives improve cuts and product shelf life.  Restaurants waste an average $50.00 a day on same day prep items such as tomatoes, herbs, peppers.  Sharp knife cuts create less oxidation than dull knife cuts and can add an extra day of shelf life to your mis-en-place.

  • Reduce  Workmen's Comp. claims. People get cut on dull knives at a much high rate than sharp knives.

  • One workmen's comp claim can result in thousands of dollars and lost employee work days, compounding an already tight labor market.  

  • The Tormek T2 has a 7-year warranty and will pay for itself in less than a year!